The general functions of system:
  • automatic measurement, the control, regulation and management of technological processes;
  • control of executive mechanisms (the valve, latch, etc.) and process equipment electric drives (pumps, fans, etc.): In the remote mode (at the initiative of the operator);
  • In an automatic mode (under control of the software);
  • realisation of technological protection and blocking;
  • display in a mnemonic diagram on monitors of the operative information on technological process flow and equipment status;
  • registration, recording and archiving of key parametres of technological process and deviations from the set values;
  • systems reconfiguration in a real time (function of system distributions);
  • the Internet access to the information in system.
  • Control and "Visual-Sound alarm system" of infringement of technological process and change of a condition of the equipment with display to the screen in the form of the text message, or change of colour of parametre;
  • Output on demand on the screen of the list of the parametres which values left for technological, or emergency borders; Output on the screen of the panel of devices (recorders) with schedules of values of parametres;
  • Automatic accumulation of values of analogue parametres (with periodicity from 1 second and it is more) for any period (for example, for a year). The system gives possibility of viewing of the information in the form of set of schedules on the screen of the monitor, what or quantities for any set time interval and listing possibility;
  • Registration of events in system (infringements of borders in analogue parametres, incl./off equipment, changes works mode of regulators, actions of the operator etc.) for what or the period with possibility of the subsequent viewing on the screen or delivery on the press;
  • System has possibility of change and escalating of functions on request of the customer is provided: introductions of new contours of regulation, change of structure of contours, introductions of new blockings, protection, inclusions in system of new gauges, executive mechanisms, electric equipments, etc.

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