SZARP is a full-featured, open source (GPL) SCADA system for Linux. Client programs are available for Linux and Windows. SZARP software is currently available under GPL License.

Full story following: SZARP Praterm Company, leading Polish thermal energy producer, is deploying its SCADA software under GPL License. Software called SZARP (pronounce: "sharp") is available for free download at ISL (Industry Schema Language) is a module of SZARP software for industrial process visualization. It is using SVG langugage (World Wide Web standard for web vector graphics) and Ajax technology to fetch only new parameters values, without refreshing all the page.
Most important changes in latests 3.0 version:

  • multiplatform - client programs are avaialble for both Linux and Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • internal use of unicode in all system
  • full internationalization - not just programs messages, but also names of parameters and draws are translated on-the-fly
  • experimental support for OpenGL draws' display
  • native Linux and Windows printing
  • client/server architecture for Reporter program, using standard HTTP protocol
  • enhanced alarm reporting program (Kontroler) with option for configuring alarms for group of users
  • new draw program interface, using tabs for displaying mutliple draws' sets at once
  • embedded LUA scripting langage for defining both server- and client-side defined parameters
  • mechanism for remote setting of ZET PLC variables/parameters
  • improved differential data transfer, reducing server workload
  • displaying percentage of available data probes on screen
  • automatic units conversion in hour-sum window (for example - MWh to GJ)
  • partial English and French dictionaries for translation parameters' names
  • improved X/Y draw, with corelation calculating
  • multithreaded architecture - better reponsivity of program
  • cache for speeding up displaying of defined parameters
  • enhanced editor for user's draws sets
  • editor for user's parameters in LUA scripting language
  • transparent access to data from multiple bases
And one more time:
  • SZARP is a complete, full-featured, open source SCADA HMI software.
  • SZARP is available for free under conditions of GNU Public Licence 2.0.
  • SZARP was designed for supervisory control of municipial heating systems.
  • SZARP has been actively developed for over 15 years.
  • SZARP is currently used in over 40 heating plants all over Poland.
  • SZARP is multilingual - Polish, English and partly French and German translations are available, however documentation is mainly in Polish.
  • SZARP server running under Linux can gather data from all kind of industrial devices (over 30 device drivers available).
  • SZARP is an expert in historical data trends analysing, with instant access to data from any period.
  • SZARP contains build-in Lua scripting language for defining parameters based on actual or historical data values.
  • SZARP historical or actual data can be easly distributed over Internet.
  • SZARP client programs are available for Linux and Windows systems.
  • SZARP is stable, robust and based on open standards.

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