The purpose of the "Storozh" software is collecting and processing of the telemetry information from the remote devices, dispatching events and generate controlling impacts according to the system state (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition).

Application areas vary: management of the automated equiment; emergency alarm systems (gas stations, dangerous manufactories etc); security systems etc.

Modular architecture of "Storozh" allows to use it either as a telemetry collector on the minimal PC equipment, as well as for graphical visualisation of the system status. Platform:

  • Operating system: Linux/Unix
  • Hardware: virtually any Linux-capable (most of the known hardware platforms -- x86, Alpha, IA64, H8300, m32r, m68k, MIPS, PowerPC, IBM S/390, SPARC etc)
Storozh consists of two parts:
  • dispatcher daemon storozhd;
  • visual monitor storozh_mon.

These two programs intercommunicate via IPC Message Queue (refer to Unix msgctl() manual).

Dispatcher daemon storozhd performs actual devices polling by the MODBUS protocol, analyzes register values, and trigger events according with the rules described in the configuration file storozh.conf. Two things happen when event is triggered by storozhd:

  • record is added to the log file and system log
  • appropriate message is pushed to the message queue, where it can be picked up by visual monitor.

Visual monitor storozh_mon reads messages from the message queue and visualises every received event according with the graphic primitives described in the configuration file storozh.conf. Unknown events are ignored.

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