Multitasking, multiuser software package - SCADA System Status-4 "for the design, technological, programming and performance management programs PACS(Process Automation Control System) in real time. Fully developed by the company, based on real time operating system QNX 4.2h and the graphical "Photon".
Some history. After analyzing own experience in automation projects on various software packages we decide create own SCADA system, controllers and programming systems. Requirements:

  • Large information dataflows transfer on the local network (not less than 10000 events per second);
  • High speed archiving (not worse than 3000 events per second);
  • Object orientation, including composite objects;
  • No dedicated servers;
  • Single operating system for workstations and controllers;
  • Networks and controllers reserving;
  • Maximum unloading workstation from processing raw data from the control object and transfer it to the level of technological controllers (linearization, scaling, borders, alarms, etc.);
  • Highly reliable and high-speed file system;
  • Reliable, predictable and high-speed operating system;
  • "on_line" configuration;

Graphical user interface OpenLook based Photon microGUI also showed its high performance in terms of high-speed graphics and ability to withstand heavy loads, and the ability to load graphics applications on controllers with minimal configuration QNX4 makes it indispensable to create remote test monitor systems.

STATUS-4 Subsystems

In the Status-4 implements all the necessary tools for the development and execution in real-time technology projects. They are divided along functional and combined with the means on_line editing. The structure of the software package includes the following subsystems:

  • database
  • events / alarms
  • history
  • mimic
  • reports
  • trends
  • process programming
  • facilities management
Main Features.
  • Object-oriented methods in creating and programming APCS
  • Network architecture with the possibility of multiple backups
  • Configuration and programming system within the entire network
  • Ability to obtain thousands of points without reducing processing speed
  • GUI OpenLook based on Photon microGUI
  • "on-line" creating configuration and programming of the system with automatic generation of composite objects
  • Powerful graphical builder with the ability to work with multiple objects and display types
  • Flexible building reports and trends
  • Remote connections
  • Continuous hot standby (up to 3 backup stations), automatic recovery
  • Unlimited number of device drivers
  • A multithreaded file system with high reliability and a high degree of recoverability
  • Redundant network architecture
  • Interactive alerts
  • Built-in programming language technology LCON 4 with the possibility of access to facilities
Builder and database editor.
  • Standard object types: discrete, analog, integer, color, PID
  • Creating your own object types
  • Ability to copy and reproduction of any objects with automatic generation of embedded objects
  • Devices editor (types of modules ODR) with the ability to create up to 8 groups of channels, each group can be assigned as a discrete input / output, analog input / output, etc.
Graphic Builder.
  • Can work as a vector or in raster mode
  • Supports 256 specially selected colors
  • Contains a large number of primitives maps for standard objects: numbers, columns, inscriptions, etc.
  • Allows you to create the model for all display objects, including components, which greatly facilitates the creation of video frames and reduces the number of errors

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