The implementation of technologies of telecommunications to high flow for Internet / Intranet the such ADSL, the Cable or the radio gives a new dimension to the home automation, the remote monitoring and the building automation. Stantor is a new concept for the Net surfers incorporating the latest telecommunications technologies and WEB: ADSL , Cable, I-Mode, WAP2.x (xHTML-MP), WiFi, PLC, RS232, WAP1.x, SOAP, WEB services, AJAX, XML/SVG and GPRS-UMTS....


The installation of telecommunications equipment performance in the home opened the door to new services. This networking of microcomputers personal or professional can consider a permanent use 24/24 H of Web servers, data servers and applications server to low costs. In addition the existence of tested electronic boards currently makes it possible to connect the various sensors or actuators of the field of the home automation to a microcomputer functioning on standard operating system and using such standard software packages them. These software packages either being sold by editors or free of right (freeware).

The project STANTOR for "Automatic System of Remote Monitoring by Internet of Objects in Network" is a platform of open supervision for manage simultaneously and to interact components of various origins intended for home automation. This project offers a teleprocessing of the various equipment of buildings for dwellings or offices realized by a technical chain of low cost whose robustness of the elementary components is proven.

Project STANTOR is a project OPEN SOURCE (licence - GPL). It is consultable under "". This product implements a core software offering all the functions of monitoring and control equipment connected to one or more micro-computers over networks using the standard TCP/IP (Internet / Intranet with IPv4 and IPv6, I-mode, WAP2).


Opening towards buses of ground the such the powerline communications (Home plug..), the radio operator networks with short range (WiFi, ZigBee, 6LowPan, wireless USB,...) is an essential component of the future development of this project.

The architecture of the system is of type 3 tier + including:
  • A tool for dialogue navigator WEB (Firefox, IE, Safari,...) and micro-navigators (I-Mode, Opera WAP2).
  • A Web server.
  • A database server.
  • A server for the specific applications.
  • One or more microcomputer hardware drivers.
All may be located on a single physical PC.
Description of the main components essential or optional.
  • USB interface board K8061/VM140 for acquisition and control connected to micro-computer.
  • USB interface board K8055/VM110 for acquisition and control connected to micro-computer.
  • I2C interface board K8000 for acquisition and control connected to micro-computer.
  • USB interface board Arduino Duemilanove for acquisition and control connected to micro-computer.
  • Module of X10 control (protocol of the data exchanges per transmission current on the electrical supply network 220V).
  • USB Webcams.
  • Sound cards.
  • Connections with electronic electricity meters of "blue" type within the framework of energy saving.
  • Navigators Firefox, IE, Safari.... allow to visualize the states of the sensors and allow to order the actuators through forms.
  • Micro-navigators cHTML for I-Mode and WML compatible with standard WAP 2 and WAP 1.1. established in the mobile telephones give access functions similar to the navigators WEB.
  • The data base used is mySQL with modules of the accesses written in PHP. It records digital and numerical informations.
  • The management of alarms through electronic mail (e-mail)
  • The management of alarms through instant messages (SMS) through Jabber.
  • Using standard IP protocols IPv4 and IPv6 between computers. Opening to the hardware sensors and actuators used in "smart grid" (with low energy consumption).

Stantor - Domodulor uses the SOAP protocol (XML + HTTP) between the micro-computer managing hardware and the central micro-computer that can possibly be located in a provider. The software developments are done in C, scripting language PHP, SQL, Javascript / AJAX and HTML / cHTML / xHTML. Linux distributions supported are Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva.

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