Industrial Defender's RTAP SCADA platform specializes in monitoring and controlling large mission-critical operations that are complex, diverse and evolving. According to our customers, "The Industrial Defender RTAP product is considered to have the best performing real-time database on the market." Not only is RTAP available on the latest Unix/Linux hardware and software platforms, but it can be fully protected and monitored by Industrial Defender, the industry's first and only technology solution specifically designed for the real-time control environment.

To have the flexibility to accommodate industry challenges associated with asset diversity, a changing regulatory environment and a changing competitive environment, Industrial Defender offers two powerful choices in HMIs. The Visualizer is available to accommodate Windows based clients and SchematX to accommodate Unix or Linux clients. For ultimate flexibility, you can mix and match our windows based Visualizer HMI with Unix, Linux or Windows database servers. Additionally SchematX can interoperate with Unix or Linux database servers.

The engineering effort required to develop operator interfaces can be drastically reduced using RTAP HMIs. The number of individual screens that must be created and maintained in large systems can be reduced significantly by taking advantage of the relative addressing concept inherent in the RTAP database hierarchy. At run time, displays receive a pointer to a branch in the database and all database links are resolved relative to that pointer. This allows, for example, a single display that represents a motor to be used for all motors of the same type in the system.


RTAP HMIs also have various other benefits that allow flexibility to accommodate expanding data sources and system size. Smart symbols provide scalability and lower lifecycle costs. These reusable smart symbols can be created once, reused many times and modified at a group level - automatically updating all display screens where they are used. Smart symbols include the visible component, database links, any scripts and dynamics that define how the symbol appears at run time.

To improve your organization's responsiveness RTAP Web Services makes real-time information from your automated facilities widely available throughout your corporation. Because of its true thin client design, any modern browser on any operating system can be used to display RTAP data. Only standard Internet technologies are used, so other display types including wireless devices can also be supported.

RTAP Web Services are used to provide reports, charts and custom "dashboard" displays of real-time information for users outside the control room. Process operators, who need high bandwidth, information intensive displays are best served by the RTAP Operator HMI.

At the heart of RTAP's superior flexibility and integration capabilities is an extensive, documented set of Application Programming Interfaces (API) that open the core real-time services to application programs. Applications can access the database, event manager, timekeeper, and process scheduler, as well as the scanning, alarming, history, and messaging systems. RTAP functions also enable you to use a range of real-time services in creative ways that extend the abilities of the core platform.

For maximum performance, the base API is provided for C and languages that can call C functions. RTAP also offers a Java interface that provides an object-oriented interface to RTAP services for Java developers writing applications using EJB, J2EE or JSP.

In addition, various scripting languages can be used to access RTAP services and develop custom applications. These include Javascript, VBA and TCL.

At the heart of the RTAP SCADA platform is an object oriented real-time database that provides the flexibility and openness to address the most demanding industry challenges. In many industries such as water, oil & gas, transportation and power the scale and diversity of assets is increasing rapidly. This increasing asset mix coupled with more demanding regulatory requirements and changing competitive environments are pushing the capabilities of monitoring and control systems. SCADA systems must be equipped to handle the increasing size and scope of emerging systems. With the power of RTAP's real-time object database, considerable engineering hours and system downtime can be avoided throughout the lifecycle of large-scale automation systems - from development through expansion and maintenance.

The database also provides benefits through the following components:
Calculation Engine
Like a spreadsheet, the event driven calculation engine (CE) is used to handle a wide range of computation problems, without programming. The CE is similar in concept to a spreadsheet in that definitions can be associated among any values in the database. It automatically updates derived values whenever raw data is acquired - whether from the scan system, an operator entry, or an application. In addition to a library of base CE functions provided with RTAP, developers can also write any type of industry specific function they require.
Alarm System
RTAP provides a powerful and extensible alarm mechanism that can be tailored to meet the most demanding detection, filtering, notification and logging requirements. A user-friendly alarm display front end integrates directly into HMI panels and is fully configurable.
Long Term Historian
The RTAP Historian allows you to create a long-term, time series history record for any value in the database. Sampling can be time or event driven and optional dead banding can be used to filter out minor changes. The storage capacity is limited only by the size of your disk. Although stored on disk, history files are accessed through the real-time database and are an extension to its object structure.
RTAP Environment Services
In providing leading flexibility to manage demanding SCADA systems, RTAP environments can be optimized per machine for each unique application or purpose. RTAP supports distributed systems cost-effectively. An RTAP environment can be a modular group of cooperating processes and shared resources or it can be a full-fledged automation system, communicating with other environments, other computers, other software packages, and other parts of your business. An RTAP event manager can watch for triggers from RTAP and other applications and will then initiate real-time follow on activities within in entire SCADA system.
RTAP Redundancy
Living up to an established reputation for superior reliability RTAP comes with various features to ensure downtime is virtually nonexistent, especially in large complex systems where reliability is sometimes a challenge. A complete packaged redundancy solution is available with RTAP. The RTAP redundancy solution provides bumpless failover of HMI clients and the ability to have multiple hot standby database servers. Standby servers are instantly synchronized so that there is no loss of data during changeover. Standby servers can also be controlled for trial or test purposes before going back online.
Device connectivity options for RTAP are unrivalled. There are virtually no limitations with respect to the types of devices and I/O you can connect with. There is also a broad range of communication options that are available to use with any given device. The RTAP scan system links the database to data monitoring and control equipment via Ethernet or RS-232 channels (including radio channels). Three methods of data collection are available: polled, polled report by exception, and spontaneous report by exception. RTAP easily handles multi-dropped end devices on multiple communication ports. Communication parameters (poll periods, baud rate, I/O mapping, and so on) are specified in the database and configuration is flexible enough to support half-duplex radio channels. Communication statistics are gathered automatically and made available in the database.
RTAP connects with a growing list of devices such as PLC's and RTU's from major vendors, either directly or through an OPC server. Many device drivers for other equipment are available from Industrial Defender's partners. Industrial Defender provides drivers to all mainstream vendors and devices, some of which include:

  • DNP
  • ModBus
  • OPC
  • Oracle
  • Rockwell
  • Siemens

In the event a driver for a certain device is not available, a powerful development toolkit is included with RTAP for partners and customers who wish to develop their own device driver. We can also offer our services team for custom driver development. With this device driver service you will be assured top quality development and Industrial Defender's leading support behind your custom drivers.

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