PRISM is an industry standard, currently operating in over 200 electric utilities worldwide. Often basic SCADA systems are supplemented with applications specific to distribution, generation or transmission enterprises, as well as communications and security options. PRISM SCADA is the most complete offering on the market today. Operations specific to SCADA are listed here. For a complete understanding of an Advanced Control Systems SCADA implementation, be sure to visit the sections on the PRISM platform, and our Distribution Management, Energy Management and Outage Management suites.


Operating System

In 1991, Advanced Control Systems delivered the electric power industry's first UNIX-based open architecture SCADA platform. Security and reliability requirements fueled that decision, and the horde of competitors that followed in our wake proved the wisdom of that choice. To this day, UNIX is unmatched in flexibility, extensibility, power and safety, but it comes at a price-the hardware required to operate a UNIX-based system can be costly. Recent developments in operating system technology provide a lower cost alternative: Linux. Our Linux PRISM SCADA system combines the ease and affordability of Linux with our proven user interface and interoperability.


Optimal customization control. Features alarm inhibit, scan inhibit, caution order and control inhibit tagging, with no limit to the number of tags allowed. You define the tags by color, position, and orientation. Flags are displayed on the screen in order of safety priority. Tags are time-stamped, and operator comments are incorporated with each flag. More...


Comprehensive knowledge-based alarm processing and filtering subsystem, allows generation or suppression of alarms, customized to fit your needs. This technology filters all system events and allows you to interact only with "need to know" events, not secondary events. More...

Supervisory Control

An absolute device control using the Open Software Foundation (OSF) standard. Advanced Control Systems maintains a large library of IED and RTU protocols, giving you maximum usability. More...

User Interface

view and select objects on the screen that represent actual PRISM devices and real-time data. The graphical user interface makes it easier to monitor and control devices, substations, and entire utility systems. More . . .

Data Acquisition

Combined with our OSF compliance and huge IED and RTU protocol library, this module enables smooth and efficient data acquisition necessary for any system, large or small.

Short Term Load Forecasting

PRISM STLF uses historical load and weather data to forecast the system load automatically every hour, for a 168-hour (7-day) rolling forecast. You can also request a 15-day forecast at any time. STLF helps you plan for generation, load capacity and manpower. More...

Load Management

Load Management (LM) monitors and controls selected customer loads and automates customer notification pertaining to LM events. LM provides participating customers with real-time pricing (RTP) data for automated load reduction, direct load control for air conditioner loads and voluntary load reduction start signals. LM retrieves load data from the AMR system periodically or on demand. LM can calculate for seasons, two different day types, monthly energy usage during on-peak, off-peak and semi-peak; and maximum energy demand during the on-peak, off-peak and semi-peak.

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