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Perspective Linux SCADA


LinRTM is a real-time module for the operating system Linux. The LinRTM may be part of a distributed control system based on the TRACE MODE 6 or fully monitored simplest control system consisting of a single workstation (AWS), combined with the server IO. LinRTM is available only for the professional version of TRACE MODE. In terms of functionality LinRTM is slightly inferior to conventional real-time monitor for Windows, but nevertheless, it may be interesting for users SCADA TRACE MODE, are developing process control systems for enterprises and industries in which Linux, the operating system open source is the accepted standard. The main operating system for LinRTM is Linux openSUSE 12.1.

    LinRTM can perform:
  • data acquisition from the IO through TRACE MODE built-in drivers, running over Ethernet;
  • primary data processing - filtering, scaling, border control, etc.;
  • process control and regulation on algorithms programmed in languages?of IEC 61131-3;
  • visualization of information on trends and HMI;
  • alarms management.


    OpenDAX is an open source data acquisition and control system. The current version of OpenDAX is 0.5.1 I intend to keep the 0.X version numbering until we have a minimum set of features and that it is stable enough to be used in a production environment. It'll then go to 1.0. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. The main things that were completed in the 0.5 release were ...

    • Event notification and handling facilities in the server and library
    • The library was made re-entrant and thread safe
    • Lua interface functions were moved to their own library


    S.E.E.R. (System and Environment Effective Reports) is the http (web-based) front-end of choice for mod_OpenOPC driven systems. Providing live HMI / Reporting / and History functionality with database and table backend auto-creation. There are several pre-built core-models included with the package, which are mainly aimed at the Dairy and Food Manufacturing industries. These include: Checkweigher Model, Bulk Materials Model, Separation - Pasteurization - and Filtration Model, Tank and Silo Model, C.I.P. (Clean in Place) Model, and the W.A.R.R.I.O.R. (Workplace Authenticated Resource Runtime Input and Output Reporter) O.E.E. (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and T.E.E.P. (Total Effective Equipment Productivity) Model [which eclipses virtually all of the competitive offerings on the market today].

    The true value of S.E.E.R. is that it is extensible; provided you're versed in pHp, you can continue to add more and more models to the core structure. We welcome model additions to the S.E.E.R. core, and hope to one day be able to cover the vast majority of industrial processes with pre-built models. That being said, if a model to suit your process does not exist - make one!

    Note: while S.E.E.R. is out of Beta, and stable, it is still in Pre-Release / Subversion mode. We would like to add more - much more - and very well may before the 'official' package maiden release. That said, the administrator's manual has not yet been written, and only 3 languages are supported (S.E.E.R. can support multiple languages, however the existing language files are 1- English, 2- Spanish, and 3- French. We welcome the help - and thanks to Hakan Koni and Associates for help with the first two!).


    The PascalSCADA is: a framework for Delphi/Lazarus to quick development of HMI/SCADA applications. Platforms supported by PascalSCADA: Windows, Linux and FreeBSD under 32 and 64 bits (FreeBSD only in 32 bits). What you can do with PascalSCADA? Comunicate with CLP's, create interfaces, store values and alarms of process and control users of the application.

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