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Linux SCADA News

  • 17-Sep-2014: pvbrowser pvbrowser-4.7.8 published.
  • 17-Feb-2014: mySCADA mySCADA Version 6.2 for mySCADA BOX, myPROJECT Designer and mySCADA Desktop has been released.
  • 10-Feb-2014: ROOT Version 6 beta 2 The ROOT team is proud to announce the second beta release of ROOT 6.
  • 17-Jan-2014: pvBrowser pvbrowser 4.7.6 published. Support for Siemens LOGO! 0BA7 plc.
  • 21-Dec-2013: OpenSCADAVersion LTS(9). Production release of OpenSCADA 0.8.0 LTS (update 9). Fixed about 40 bugs and append some improvements.
  • june 2013 Stantor Version 7.31 for Linux Fedora, Ubuntu and Mandriva/Mageia.
  • 28-May-2013: pvbrowser Now we support DCS (distributed control system) with state machine and closed loop controllers.
  • 12-May-2013: OpenSCADAVersion 0.8.0 LTS(6). Production release is targeted for wide implementation to automations solutions for platforms Linux x86, x86_64 and ARM. The version is followed by long term support (LTS).
  • 07-May-2013: Ignition SCADAInductive Automation Releases Ignition v7.6. Powerful Alarm Configuration, improved history, alarm notification pipelines, more notification options.
  • 1-Apr-2013: Proview Proview 4.8.0 is now available for download. Profinet configurator. I/O interface to Softing PNAK Profinet stack. Process history curve window with multiple curves. Support for embedded Linux on ARM.
  • 11-Nov-2012: ICScada ICScada version release of 5.2. New report generator module, alarm generator, improved ICScada Engine/Module Thread, Data Management SQL Links, Maintenance Module.
  • 09-Jun-2012: OpenSCADAVersion 0.8.0 LTS. The first update of industrial release. Fixed ~30 bugs and adds some improvement.
  • December 2011 Stantor Version 7.09d for Linux Fedora, Ubuntu and Mandriva.
  • 29-Nov-2011: pvbrowser 4.6.6 published. Qt provides 2 different SVG renderers. The QSvgRenderer only supports the SVG Tiny standard. But now you can also use the SVG renderer from WebKit which supports more SVG features. It can render shades for example but filters are still not supported.
  • 28-Oct-2011: pvbrowser 4.6.5 published. This version fixes an inaccuracy in text positioning within SVG graphics.
  • Proview 4.8.0 is now available for download. Add Profinet configurator. Support for embedded Linux on ARM.
  • 04-Jul-2011: pvbrowser 4.6.3 published. The pvservers now support allow and deny files for defining ranges of IP addresse allowed to connect. A Android client is now available. The array for lines in the QDraw widget now has no upper limit anymore. Added functions to print HTML, SVG on printer attached to the client.
  • 4-Jul-2011: Mango Version 1.12.5 now available! This is a new features and bug fix.
  • 12-Feb-2011: pvbrowser 4.6.0 Integrated scripting language Lua. Now you can develop pvserver in Lua without the need for a C/C++ compiler and the Qt SDK. Adjusted DateTime/Date/Time strings delivered by pvbrowser to ISO standard.
  • January 2011: stantor Update the embedded software in Uno and Duemilanove Arduino boards, version for Linux Fedora, Ubuntu and Mandriva. Changing the design of Web2 pages standards (SVG+ Ajax).
  • 26-Jan-2011: pvbrowser Integrated designer of pvdevelop improved
  • 26-Jan-2011 Mango M2M2 beta version is released on its shiny new production server.
  • 09-Nov-2010: pvbrowser Now a pvbrowser plugin for Firefox and Opera is available. Meanwhile the Qt solutions for pvbrowser plugins work well. Thus we are now able to provide a plugin. But there still exists one problem with Firefox under Linux. The plugin does not receive keyboard input in that configuration.
  • 02-Oct-2010: Mango Version 1.10.0 now available! Download the latest version on http://mango.serotoninsoftware.com.
  • 01-Oct-2010: Linkdoy Likindoy's team got a meeting today to share targets and new ideas to upgrade the system.
  • 02-Sep-2010: pvbrowser pvbrowser-4.5.3 uploaded. Attention: There has been made a cleanup of class rlSvgAnimator. Therefore you must recompile your pvserver if you use animated SVG.
  • 11-May-2010: Stantor Added implementation of the PDO (PHP Data Objects) library to access the DBMS instead of MySQL commands for all programs.
  • 11-Apr-2010: Mango Version 1.8.2 now available! Download the latest version. This is a new features and bug fix. Many thanks to Mango users who provided their feedback and suggestions.
  • 11-Apr-2010: pvbrowser pvbrowser now starts up much quicker on windows. Loading the help files needs very long on windows. Now loading these files is delayed until help is really needed. "Frohe Ostern" pvbrowser 4.5.1
  • 09-Mar-2010: MacroView New version of MacroView Studio released. Added a section documenting the VNC client implementation in MacroView Studio. Added support for the transfer of X Window DISPLAY information in the login response for metaserver V2.1.0 and higher. This enables support for RealVNC any other Xvnc implementation that does not include the DISPLAY information in the server name data.
  • 07-Mar-2010: Mango Mango 1.8.1 now available!
  • 01-Mar-2010: pvbrowser pvbrowser client for maemo (tested on Nokia N900) now ready for download.
  • 18-Feb-2010: pvbrowser pvbrowser now running within maemo SDK (scratchbox). Must be tested on Nokia N900.
  • 31-Dec-2009: MacroView To ensure we keep MacroView current with the changing Process Control Industry we have added support for the following data types in MacroView Version 4:INT16, UINT16, INT32, UINT32 and DOUBLE type attribute value formats for PLC model drivers.
  • 22-Dec-2009: S3 published S3 Live CD. Distributive include: S3-IDE; demo projects S3; Vmware Player for virtual machines; virtual machine OSRT QNX 6.3.2 with S3 QNX Runtime.
  • 19-Dec-2009: pvbrowser pvbrowser-4.4.8 was uploaded. It now supports QDockWidgets, the sockaddr of clients is now available in rlsocket, a function rlSubmitPvserver was added, printing was reviewed and extended, a Home icon was added to pvbrowser with which you can go back to the start page and some bugs have been fixed.
  • 16-Dec-2009: Mango Mango 1.8.0 now available! (release candidate) Great new features.
  • 06-Oct-2009: linkdoy Stable and Testing upgraded. Just has been transfered testing version to stable and unstable version to testing. We have included many fixes.
  • 16-Jun-2009: SZARP SCC - SZARP Control Center an 'entry point' to SZARP clients' applications: draw, reporter, extractor gained a new look. It is no longer visible as a standalone SZARP icon floating on the desktop.

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