Monitoring, control and analysis of technological systems is a complex task that plays an essential role in every efficient industrial production and maintenance. It is necessary to rely on stable, scalable and open architecture systems. mySCADA represents an all-in-one solution that offers flexibility, simple development environment, and reduced development time. mySCADA allows you to monitor, control and maintain your processes and supports you with statistical production, security access, reporting, alarming and integrated documentation functions.


mySCADA works on all kinds of mobile devices equipped with any current web-browser, including iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets. mySCADA is built on open-web standards such as Scalable Vector Graphics, HTML, PDF, while keeping the maximum security in mind, ensuring you don't get vendor locked while choosing your SCADA system. mySCADA runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux Operating systems.

General mySCADA features:

  • Scalability - mySCADA can cover automation processes of all sizes and adapts easily to your growing needs.
  • Flexibility - mySCADA runs on Windows, Mac OS X and on Linux OS. It is your decision which system you want to use as you are no more limited by the technology.
  • All-In-One Development Platform - the development platform is simple, intuitive, well-arranged and user-friendly.
  • Advanced Visualization - mySCADA supports the highest needs for visualization of you technological processes. mySCADA Mobile offers all advantages of multitouch interface allowing you to control all processes from Android devices. You are free to import graphics from external graphic programs. A complete set of animations, eye catching effects, visual programming, parametric views and rich icons library and complete set of design functions - the visualization is supported by wide range of tools to design all your processes with no limits.
  • Complex Alarm System - online, fast and simple alarm system provides you with enough time and information to make qualified decisions and respond properly to the current alarm situation. A complex alarm system allows you to define activation values, threshold, severity, area and notifications announcements.
  • Reports, Trends and Data Analysis - integrated reporting system myReports enabling you to create reports of alarms and events, historical data tables, charts and statistics of your processes. The data can be exported into Excel, HTML or PDF. Report Designer enabling you to create perfect reports with your logo, header and complete production data without having any programming skills.
  • Scripting - mySCADA provides stable machine-to-machine interface or automation of operator actions. From simple operator presence control to gateway between different automation devices - everything is possible with built-in scripting.
  • Integrated Drivers - embedded communication drivers connects directly to your PLCs. Communication drivers are highly optimized for slow or long-latency networks such as 3G connections. mySCADA Mobile is designed to be operated over VPN connections while ensuring maximum security for your technology.

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