Mango is browser-based, Ajax-enabled M2M software that enables users to access and control electronic sensors, devices, and machines over multiple protocols simultaneously. Easy to download and install on many platforms, Mango provides an interface with which diverse data sources can be created and configured while providing downstream management of user access, alerts, data logging, and automation.


Mango can receive data from any device for which there is a protocol driver. Currently supported protocols include BACnet I/P, Modbus (ASCII, RTU, TCP, and UDP), 1-wire, SNMP, SQL, HTTP, POP3, NMEA 0183, and many proprietary protocols developed by hardware vendors. Mango also supports a "virtual" data source that can generate data for benchmarking or testing purposes. More protocols are being added regularly.

Use scripts to create new points based upon the values of other points. Based upon Javascript, the most popular scripting language in the world, meta points allow for powerful combinations of point values as well as historical point information.

Tell Mango what events you are interested in. Users can define unlimited event criteria on points to detect conditions such as high and low limits, value changes, state change counts, and run-times.

Mango is a data logging, control, and monitoring system all in one featuring a browser-based interface. Yet, even on small embedded computers, Mango can host hundreds of data points collected from multiple data sources using multiple protocols. When more powerful equipment is used and MySQL is configured, Mango can easily support thousands or tens of thousands of points on a single instance.

Mango ships with the Derby embedded database so that you don't have to have one of your own. But, Mango can also use MySQL or MSSQL for power users who need performance.

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