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Linux SCADA (Linux S.C.A.D.A.) want to be a complete utility to interact with our PLC network under Linux, showing everything under a full-web-oriented enviroment; The structure of Linux SCADA is based on 3 principal blocks:
Linux S.C.A.D.A.

  • pc_to_plc. This is the most low level block: It is called from Interrogatore.pl and it accesses to the com port to send requests via MODBUS protocol.
  • Interrogatore. This is the "deamon" which provides continuous intervalled requests to the PLCs calling the pc_to_plc program; All the requests are setted by a config file, and the results is stored in confortable named variables.
  • Interactive HTML Page Builder
It creates Interactive HTML pages, which provides all the useful informations about our PLCs 's state, it is supposed to display a graphical enviroment with buttons to send commands, text areas to set values, grapchis, history, statistic, and much more.

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