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Likindoy (Likindoy Opensource Scada) is software from Centrologic Computational Logistic Center.

Its modular construction makes it compatible with almost all kinds of measuring hardware. It is able to process almost any kind of input data no matter if it is network transfer statistics, weather measures or efficency of water pomp engines. This project tries to make a complete SCADA System build with free. The operating system is Linux + Python + MySQL + R sucesor of S language and thought to be used esentially in statistics and plotting graphs.

Likindoy was an idea from Axaragua, that uses it right now as own system for management, and has been impulsed by Project powered by the Council of Innovation, Science and Enterprise.

LinkdoyThis system can be very usefull to any person or company that need to automatize, control and/or represent exchange of data. For example: the temperature in your city, the traffic of the network, the comsuption of water in a land, the work of engines in a factory, opening and closing of doors in a building, planes in an airport...we use it every day and the work really nice.

Likindoy is a program desgined for industrial analisys and telecontrol systems. Has been desgined in modules to allow other programmers to extend its behavior easily. Likindoy is divided in some stages of processing but inside has been splitted in three basic modules: libraries module that are shared by the rest of modules, module for historics management (Likindoy-HTR) and the module for managing RTUs (Likindoy-RTU).

LikindoyLinkdoy`s Human Machine Interface module that shows information on realtime. It is a group of functions and behaviors that allow to Likindoy to show data on realtime. This data is possible to get it connected in a map of all the factories and stations of the company and see each element changing on realtime in a website from home. The posibilities are in the limits that the programmer itself can find to develop new modules and tools.

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