ICSCADA is a Web-based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system can be used to gather data directly from the wellhead RTU, store and review gas analysis information and keep maintenance records for frequency of calibration. Several tools designed to verify and calculate manual input data are available in a network based enterprise application. ICSCADA can be deployed in several small server centers for a nodal network or in a centralized location for larger producers. The ICScada system integrates SCADA with the latest web technology. Operators can perform data acquisition and device control using ONLY a web browser. ICScada sits securely and simply on your existing networked system, using Linux and MySQL, support is easy to get and fully documented. All Web Functions and pages are written in Python and PHP for speed and reliability, while the configuration files are easily edited with text editors and saved as standard XML files.


ICSCADA may be customized to allow for the recording of all spills, overproduction, calibration and any other repeatable event needed for reporting to ERCB.

Unique HMI system with enhanced web technologies:

  • Access HMI from any web browser, NO client end software installation is required
  • Powerful web-based structure optimizes massive client access and server interaction
  • Local and remote DUAL backup minimize system configuration and data loss
  • 128-bit encryption for secured data communication
Competetive and Low-Cost HMI system :
  • UNLIMITED tags with STANDARD license package
  • Low overall cost with design and run-time license package
  • Built-in support for most f the industrial standard protocols, no extra cst for 3rd party communication modules or drivers
  • Linux-based server, no extra cost on expensive hardware

On the client side, the user only needs a web browser to use the ICScada System, no add-on or plug-in is needed. The ICScada System uses Web V2.0 Ajax technology; therefore Java Script should be Enabled on your browser. The ICScada System supports the following browsers with Javascript enabled: Mozilla Firefox,Apple Safari,Netscape Browser, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The Acquisition Server is the lowest structure in the ICScada system, this is the poller that has the ability to poll several channels of custom protocols as well as the defaults protcols modbus and roctalk. The Aquisition Server is used to act as an interface, and to manage all devices.

The ICScada System provides a variety of convenient communication methods. Operators can write a web note, send an email or a SMS to other users within the ICScada System. Emails will be sent to receiver immediately using SMTP. SMS messages are sent to the receiver's cell phone.

Trending Profiles are created to manage Trending of Data Points, the user can define Trend View Setting and select Tags for Trending Display. An AGA Tab contains the AGA (American Gas Association) gas analysis information. The current tab column represents active element Mole Percentages used to calculate gas flow. Historical Data Tab displays historical tag information, which defined in the Customized Data Logger (in a user-defined date range).

The Alarm Limits Tab provides an interface for some common tag alarm setting. It is designed for the operator user who does NOT have authority to access Tag Administration Information.

Alarm setting is available for any tag in the Tag Editor. The Alarm Limit Tab in the Site Control Window provides an alternative way for operations to configure some of the key well site parameters.

Note that if any alarm limit has been set in the Tag Editor, the Alarm Limits Tab will load these values as default.

The Recipient box allows the user to choose communication methods and target recipients individually. Alarms and Notices are logged and displayed in the system log. A Notes Tab allows user to leave any comments, special log or instructions to next shift of operators. It acts as a personal notebook. The Notes Tab also displays message from Web Notes. There are other customized tabs that have been created on special request. Such as a PID Tab for valve control; or Optimization Tab for using Outlaw Automation's Gas Well Production Optimization Software. The site data can be exported as a CSV or XML format file.

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