"FX SCADA" is a non-commercial SCADA system (most of all external components are providing by GPL licence, but the core of it - by LGPL licence and it has non commercial realization so). "FX SCADA" is a fully cross platform system, can be using under MS Windows (Mono 1.9, MS Framework 2.0 or higher), Linux (Mono 1.9 or higher), MacOS (Mono 1.9 or higher) and other platform, that providing a Mono (www.go-mono.com) realization by Novell.


You can create self component, if it necessary, moreover it can be drivers, database managers and other simple and controls components.

FX SCADA is a freeware SCADA system, that providing all of necessary functions to describe and show all of states of industrial technological processes.


The main distinguished feature of this system is a possibility to create your own external components, than will be using without recompiling main core and all application, besides it is a cross-platform application. It has some installations on industrial objects by Russian Federation.

Look at the structure of FX SCADA: FXSCADA

The core of FX SCADA distributes by LGPL licence (without source code), however the biggest part of it external components, which includes in standard package of FX SCADA by developers are distribute by GPL licence in open sources. All of external components, which will be developing by other developers, can be distribute by any other licencies.

"MONOlithEdit" application is an independent vector graphical mnemonic editor by "FX SCADA". Like any other vector graphical editor, "MONOlithEdit" providing a self models library. FXSCADA The standard delivery consists of following components:

  • 1. Core of the system - it's a kit of all needed to start working libraries and structured directories of all system.
  • 2. Mnemonic editor "MONOlithEdit"- it's a vector graphical mnemonic editor.
  • 3. C# source codes of most external components, using to compile in VisualStudio 2005 or Monodevelop 1.0.
  • 4. Programmer's, user's descriptions.

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