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FactoryPMI (Plant Management Interface) is a full-featured HMI/SCADA system and much more. With web launched distribution and unlimited clients and data points, you now have the power to completely monitor and control your plant easily and cost effectively. FactoryPMI allows an unlimited number of clients to connect from anywhere on your network, using a web launched distribution system. That means no more tedious client installations or expensive licensing fees. Additionally, FactoryPMI supports a variety of security schemes, including Microsoft Active Directory and SSL communications keeping access safe and secure. By connecting to industry standard databases, FactoryPMI enables you to leverage all of the advantages they provide, including high performance data storage, robust backup and reliability options, and more. Additionally, with the ease of integrating other enterprise data, creating a fully unified plant becomes a reality.


Inductive Automation announced version 3.1.5, FactoryPMITM supports running on Linux/Unix operating systems. This groundbreaking change will be welcomed by many of our customers, especially international customers, who are running Linux on the plant floor. In an industry so dominated by Microsoft-dependent technologies, Inductive Automation's move towards platform-independence is a breath of fresh air.

FactoryPMI is an innovative, full-featured industrial data visualization and control product. It can be coupled with FactorySQL or other database-aware industrial tools to create robust SCADA systems. Additionally, its flat-fee server based licensing model, including unlimited tags, screens, and runtime clients, makes it the most cost-effective solution on the market.

FactoryPMI is written in Java, which is renowned for its ability to run on multiple platforms. While our FactoryPMI HMI/SCADA clients have always supported running on multiple platforms, including Linux and MacOSX, the ability to run the FactoryPMI Gateway on Linux is new. Those who know our software architecture will ask, "What about FactorySQL?" As you might have suspected, FactorySQL is tied to Microsoft Windows because of the OPC standard's reliance on DCOM, a Windows technology. However, many of our customers are using FactoryPMI by itself and have their own data-bridge that brings in their industrial data to their database. For now, these customers are the main benefactors of FactoryPMI's platform independence. In the future, Inductive Automation is committed to providing more platform independent solutions.

To download FactoryPMI for Linux, visit our downloads page at http://www.inductiveautomation.com/downloads. There you'll find the tarball for Linux. Inside is a README document that describes how to get the FactoryPMI Gateway up and running.

Inductive Automation pioneered the first full-featured web-launched HMI/SCADA system in the world. Its standards based, database-centric architecture receives accolades from plant managers, IT managers, and system integrators worldwide. With a commitment to software quality and technical support second to none, Inductive Automation is at the forefront of industrial software.

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