EnergoSCADA - not a classical visualization system, has control function, but not use them in most projects, because developed for energy sources accounting. Data represent either through internal web-interface, or through external SCADA system with additional OPC-server. EnergoSCADA from RPK-SU EnergoSCADA based on kernel (task manager), which developed for work on most reliable and secure, true multitasking and multiusers operation system Linux. Kernel use number of library modules for read data from devices, calculate values and tags, form data for displaying and communications with external devices. In EnergoSCADA package includes set of scripts, which used for system maintenance.

EnergoSCADA structure
    Main features
  • Linux operation system
  • main database MySQL (Oracle)
  • cross-platform web-interface for visualization
  • support the external SCADA through own OPC server
  • channels and objects data simulation
  • free development tools
  • distribution under the GPL license
  • many device drivers
  • standard protocols and interface support
  • configuration tools for acquisition server and HMI
  • automatic message and alarm send through GPRS/SMS
  • automatic report print

HMI represent dynamically forming data pages on objects, devices, energy supply consumption, current and archive data, work statistics, events register. EnergoSCADA graphs Access to interface implement by any browser and not required specialized software. Applied powerful graph package allows to build various graphs (bargraphs, linear graphs, Gantt graphs, etc). Development tool will allow to create data pages by means of simple operations of an arrangement of the information, configure parametres of a source of data, colours, fonts and graph types.

HMI allows to use the mimics, for display data over them (in the form of LED indicators, scales and trends). The interface has possibility to embed in corporate site design of the customer. The interface allows to receive the report on any type of data, on separate devices and objects, to display them simultaneously in the tabular and graphic form. Interface enable to realize computing and analytics modules with any complexity on PHP language.

Use external SCADA/HMI systems together with the acquisition module of EnergoSCADA is possible. EnergoSCADA external SCADA The system kernel uses this module for data acquisition, calculation modules for their processing. The collected data it is possible to visualise by means of any other tools using standard mechanisms of an information transfer.

EnergoSCADA dynamically forms set XML of files with the necessary information which automatically become accessible through web. EnergoSCADA OPC-server which, through Ethernet over a http protocol obtains data from data server and send it to clients of other systems.

    Data server support following list of devices:
  • heat corrector Tekon-17, Tekon-19 by [ft 1.2]
  • correctors Logika SPG-761,762,SPT-941,961 by [SPbus]
  • ADAM-4017, 4015 and other from Advantech
  • flowmeters, pressure sensor and temperature over HART protocol (Endress+Hauser,Yokogawa)
  • ultrasonic flowmeters Q.Sonic III, IV series by Elster Instromet [Uniform]
  • Modbus devices
  • Memograph, Ecograf, Alfalog recorders
  • heat correctors KM-5, water flowmeters RM-5
  • supply meters Energomera CE
    For tasks of control, alarms, and information outputs with following devices:
  • matrix display DK-8072 over RS-232
  • printers series Posiflex P7000, Epson LX-300 and other over ESC/P
  • GSM modems Siemens TC-35, Fargo Maestro 100 and others with AT commands.

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