openSCADA is an open source, platform independent SCADA. Based on a modern system design that provides security and flexibility at the same time. openSCADA is flexible. It is not an out of the box solution, but a set of tools that can be combined in many different ways. It provides development libraries, interface applications, mass configuration tools, front-end and back-end applications.


Unique HMI system with enhanced web technologies:

    EclipseSCADA provides a state of the art open source SCADA system, including:
  • A communication system
  • An internal communication bus
  • A framework for implementing driver modules/device adapters
  • A set of out-of-the-box drivers modules/device adapters
  • A monitoring system, evaluating gathered data, storing generated events
  • A data archive, storing gathered data
  • Create a reference implementation
  • A graphical user interface for gathered data, alarms & events from the monitoring system, archived value data
  • A system to configure and document the system
Base for Eclipse SCADA is the existing openSCADA project source code. openSCADA chart The source code was originally managed in several subversion repositories which were converted to git repositories some time ago. The openSCADA project itself is grouped into different sub-projects in order to modularize it.
  • External - Contains all external libraries (except j-interop). This project will not be contributed. Eclipse Orbit will be used instead.
  • Aurora - Holds non-user interface utility components
  • Utgard - The OPC driver implementation, based on j-interop
  • Oxygen - Implementations of some protocols, mostly openSCADA internal
  • Atlantis - Non-user interface components of the openSCADA system. Including driver modules, alarming, archiving.
  • Orilla - User interface components of the openSCADA system.
  • Infinity - An SWT based time series chart widget.
  • Dakara - The Draw2D based vector graphics visualization
  • Othala - An Eclipse RCP project build which provides the "OSTC" an admin/test client for use with openSCADA.
  • Orion - Some additional user interface components used within the Eclipse IDE
  • Tau'ri - Some example projects and setups for demoing openSCADA
  • Contrib - Some source code that can be used with openSCADA but does not fit into the release version of openSCADA due to the lack of use, testing or license issues.

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