The Argo project is being developed as a open source SCADA also provides tools that Argos now provide a basis (with basic functionality) to implement monitoring systems in automated processes. The main target of ARGOS is to offer some SCADA components under the philosophy of free software, and thus seek to promote the study of the core of such systems into an autonomous alternative to industrial automation. This SCADA software provides users with set of tools with which to design, develop, implement and maintain systems for monitoring, control and data acquisition, thus enabling automated industrial processes, integrate the different levels information, plus provide the ability to create graphical interfaces between operators and machines.

Argos is designed with an architecture that allows adaptation to the different approaches to modern automated, with each software component has data structures that operate high-performance distributed manner either on a network platform or in a single PC Linux operating system.

    The main tools provided in the Argos are:
  • Communication, these processes are responsible for establishing communication with field devices and drivers can run on one or more nodes.
  • Scanner, converts the records of all drivers in engineering units, which will later be shown to end users.
  • Historian, is a process configured to store information permanently, mainly used to count with trend graphs and historical alarms and events.
  • Servers and Clients processes are responsible for transferring information between nodes located either remotely, or are running on the same server, so it can be presented to the operator.
  • Transmitter, its only function is to write records in the controller.
  • Finally, the processes HMI shall be responsible for deploying the acquired information to end users through various graphics resources.

All tools provided Argos have been developed and tested in laboratory workstations with the following characteristics: x86 and x86_64 with Pentium IV, AMD 64, 1GB of RAM.

Currently the software is available as an open source project under GPL, SourceForge.NET in the repository, its status is ALPHA and continuous development to generate the release candidate (RC) and includes the following features:

  • Development drivers for the acquisition of data from the vast range of instrumentation and control devices that are currently on the market and installed in most industrial plants.
  • Process of sending and receiving customer data with HMI.
  • Process for storage in database variables, events and alarms.
  • Ability to configuration via XML files for all processes mentioned above.

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