Linux SCADA AccessPoint


AccessPoint - is the real-time executive, database and server or SCADA module for a supervisory process monitoring and control system. The system can monitor input/output devices, process alarms, generate reports, build and display real-time and historical trend data and perform math and logic based actions. AccessPoint allows the user to develop application specific programs which utilize the real-time database and information processing functions. The product interfaces with a DataPath input/output, Historian and View Clients. Multiple users may work in this multi-tasking environment concurrently and exchange data with external software products such as View client spreadsheets, relational databases and statistical quality control (SQC) programs. AccessPoint This product is easily expandable for a flexible system. Users can expand the starter database tags, connects, and distributed modules to grow while retaining high performance communications. AccessPoint packages provide a special priced starter choice for Run-Time or Run-Time Development.

ViewClients - are the operating MMI for an AccessPoint system. User applications with specific display screens are presented based on the configuration. They may be installed locally or remotely. The AccessPoint run-time strategy is updated on change in the database server and client.

InfoPoint - MES offers relational database functionality and flexibility. Combined with the InfoPath Client toolkit it offers a means of presenting information for reporting, display and archiving. AccessPoint real-time and Historian data is easily available to MES applications with this embedded relational database.


ViewMaster - is the AccessPoint development tool for a Systems Integrator. User applications require specific display screens using the Draw and Configurator tools to install a local or remote AccessPoint run-time solution. Optional ViewMaster Test Database allows the process to run monitoring and control systems for a one day run-time period.

DataPath is an input/output (I/O) server providing the AccessPoint database with an l/O Interface and single or multiple drivers. It may be installed locally or remotely from the AccessPoint Run-Time system. Remote allows the use of "AT-bus" communication boards with Run-Time Workstations with non-AT-bus. DataPath acts as a "front end" processor style of system architecture. A pair of DataPath machines may be connected to a single Run-Time host providing a redundant l/O subsystem.

Internet ViewPoint is linked to AccessPoint as a HTTPD Server. A system integrator may create an application specific browser server. The use of HTML specific display screens with data configuration allows acquisition of local or remote real-time information. ViewPoint allows browser based MMI for interacting with a running process and monitoring and control.

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